New Brick. New Mortar.

By Casey Kidd Following the ICSC RECon 2019 trade show in Vegas, I came to several realizations about the purpose(s) brick and mortar retail is currently serving, as well as where it’s headed in the not so distant future. While it is true that retail today doesn’t look quite like it did 20 years ago, […]


Have You Heard This?

Well, it’s official. The podcast craze is here. Rarely do I spend any time in my car without something blaring from Spotify, iHeartRadio, or Apple Podcasts. I recently discovered a podcast for Economic Developers called Develop This! Episodes are usually about half an hour or so and the topics are timely and the conversation enlightening. […]


On Data: A New Standard?

More than a decade ago, WTIA began capturing data for our communities based on the 2002 IEDC Data Standards for site selection. As one can imagine, this data transitioned many times through the years. Everything has changed; from the original capture mechanisms in Excel to the printed 11″ x 17″ one-fold information brochures. Data is […]